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I was born and raised in Troy, NY but now work in Boston, MA. I am a graphic designer, artist, photographer, and lover of all things creative.  Check out my portfolio above, contact me below, or look at my resume!

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The Boston Globe

For six months I worked at Boston Globe Media Partners as a Brand Marketing Design Co-op. I worked with a small marketing team to create print, digital, and on-site promotional materials.

To advertise a virtual cocktail class hosted by Boston.com, I made an instagram ad, a facebook ad, and a video slide.

I made ads for GlobeDocs events that were printed in The Boston Globe's newspaper, as well as created weekly GlobeDocs subscriber emails using HTML.

To promote a virtual town hall for Boston students, I made a series of digital ads that appeared on The Boston Globe's website.

I designed a background screen for panelists to sit in front of at a Globe event.

The Boston Globe has a section on its site as well as two newsletters dedicated to cannabis related news stories. I designed a set of stickers promoting these newsletters that were distributed at the Northeast Cannabis Business Conference.

Rm 29 Designs

In 2019 my college roommate and I started a company called Rm 29 Designs. Named after the room where we met our freshman year, Rm 29 is a design studio that specializes in covering small business's graphic design and web development needs. I created all materials for Rm 29's brand, including our logo, style guide, business cards, and website illustrations. Much of the work displayed on this portfolio was done for Rm 29 clients.

Check out our website at rmtwentynine.com

The Sports Medicine Doc

Evan A. O'Donnell, MD is a surgeon in Boston, MA who specializes in shoulder surgery and sports medicine. He hired me and my partner at Rm 29 Designs to create a personal website to attract new patients to his practice and to provide resources to his existing patients.

We started by creating a wireframe and reviewing it with the client to plan the layout of the site.

After finalizing the wireframe, I created a color palette and gave the client three font options to choose from, then we began coding the site!

Check out the final website at thesportsmedicinedoc.com


Mediator Management Group LLC is a small company based in Troy, NY who hired me to design a logo as well as business cards and merchandise. Mediator is named after the British warship HMS Mediator, and the client requested that the logo and branding reflect that naval heritage.

Employee name, phone number, and address on this business card has been edited for privacy at client's request

John A. O'Donnell Home Inspections

John O'Donnell is an engineer who recently began performing home inspection services. He hired me to create a logo and business card for his new home inspection business, with an emphasis on reliability and expertise.

Search Sustainable

Search Sustainable is a web application that helps users find everyday products from sustainable sources. I worked with three developers to create Search Sustainable during a weekend-long Hackathon. The goal of this project is to create a helpful tool that directs consumers to better purchasing options. My role as the designer and front end developer was to develop the UX design strategy, then impliment it using HTML and CSS.

Users can search for a product name and our app will query our database of carefully selected sustainable items. If we do not have enough results in our database our application will use a web socket to connect to our web crawling API. Our custom crawler will query the products of sustainable vendors and show them as results to the users. These items will also be added to our catalog. Our database will learn from the preferences of our users to improve itself.

If the users find a sustainable item from a source outside of our database they can request to add the product to our site by filing out a request form. Administrators are notified of these requests and can look them over and decide if the product should be added to our database. If so admins can use the dashboard tools to add the requested it.

If a user finds a product that is not sustainable or otherwise unworthy of being on our site they can report it by pressing the report button in the bottom corner of the product card. The user enters a brief reason for the report and our admins are notified of the possible flawed product. Using the admin tools, our team can choose to remove the product or resolve the report in a manner they see fit.

Our admin user authentication process is powered by Firebase. If an administrator forgets their password they can use the forgot password link. They will get an email with a reset link fitted with a verification token that will allow them to securely reset their password.

Click here for more details on how the web app works

I used Figma and Adobe Creative Suite to research and create the design strategy for our brand. Search Sustainable is a helpful tool for making environmentally-conscious decisions, and so I created a style guide and logo that is clean, modern, and user-friendly.

Click here to view the finished project

Cat's Cradle and Death of a Salesman

For a typography class I did the book design for two books, Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. After typesetting both books, I designed a series of typographic book covers for them.

I set Cat's Cradle in the typeface Mrs. Eaves OT, a serif font known for its short x-height. Designed to fit 6 x 9 inch paper, the text is at 12 pt with a 14 pt leading with a tracking of -10. I put the running heads in small caps, as well as the chapter title and first line of each chapter. The chapter titles have a tracking of 200.

I set Death of a Salesman in the typeface Adobe Text Pro. Designed to fit 6 x 9 inch paper, the text is at 11 pt with a 13.2 pt leading. The running heads are italicized and set at 9 pt.

I made the book covers by creating the original typographic shapes using Illustrator, printing them, tracing them by hand, and then scanning the tracings to turn into vectors. While both covers in the series have the same style, I differentiated between them by using color.

The Nursery Alice

For a typography class I did the book design and the cover design for The Nursery Alice by Lewis Carrol.

I set The Nursery Alice in the typeface Bodoni Oldstyle 72. Designed to fit A5 sized paper, the text is at 11 pt with a 14 pt leading with a tracking of 10. I put the running heads in italics. The chapter titles are in 28 pt type with a 12 pt leading.

I used John Tenniel's illustrations for the book. I used his pen and ink line drawings for the inner pages, which I edited to be a gold color. I also introduced color by making the chapter titles purple and the running heads gold.

I used one of John Tenniel's colored illustrations for the cover. After placing the white rabbit on the cover, I made it stand out using a dark blue color in the background. I used white text in the title to match the rabbit.

Magazine Spreads

Artistry Magazine is Northeastern University's arts publication. I was provided a written article and created illustrations as well as the spread design for the print magazine.

The Avenue is Northeastern University's fashion and culture magazine. I was provided written articles as well as photographs and designed spreads to go in the print magazine.

Solo portraits

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Massachusetts Avenue

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68 2nd street


18 x 24 inches

Troy, NY

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18 x 24 inches

Bennington, VT

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public Alleyway


8 x 11 inches

Troy, NY

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Shipyard Puddle


6 x 10 inches

Newport, RI

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18 x 24 inches

Albany, NY

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Lake Champlain


8 x 10 inches

Willsboro, NY

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